About the School of Physics

School of Physics, in its permanent campus at Vithura, emerged as the cross point of fundamental and applied research in Physics. At present, the faculty strength is 19 that includes 6 theoretical Physicists. In addition, the school benefits from 2 Honorary/Visiting professors. The faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research on major thrust areas in condensed matter theory and experiment, light-matter interaction, optics, high-energy physics, gravitational physics, string theory and dynamics of complex systems. To a large extent, the research undertaken is multidisciplinary in nature and also covers the technologically relevant areas. Several faculty members have won national and international research fellowships and awards. As a matter of fact, in the European Space Agency’s Planck mission, IISER-TVM faculty contributed in the high precision measurement of Cosmic Microwave Background to observe the oldest light in the universe. The school attracts many national and international extramural grants and got benefited in founding world class laboratories to do frontline research in fundamental and applied Physics. International collaborations have been established either through various funding agencies or by entering into a memorandum of understanding.