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Energy Devices (Experimental)

Dr.Namboothiry's group looks into organic and organic-inorganic hybrid photonics based on conjugated polymers, small molecules and nanoparticles, and its interface with biosystems. His current research activities include polymer and small molecule solar cells with different structures, incorporation of plasmonic structures to improve organic photovoltaics, organic memory devices, organic nanoelectronics, optical and electrical characterization, energy efficient white light emitting systems, reliability studies, conducting polymers for biosensors, bioelectronics and thermoelectrics, metamaterials and biomaterials based on nano-composite and organic spintronics.

Dr.Shaijumon's research lies in the broad areas of Nanoscience and Energy technology, in particular, development of novel nanostructured materials for energy storage and conversion applications. His research focuses on the materials science and physics of various energy storage and conversion systems that will have great impact on our society. His current research interests include 
  • Carbon nanostructures- Carbon nanotubes and Graphene, 

  • 2D layered nanostructures, gas storage, 

  • Supercapacitors and

  • Li-ion batteries