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Condensed Matter Physics (Theory)

The group carries out research in Non-equilibrium systems and Topological Insulators (TI).

Dr.Dutta works on non-equilibrium systems. Systems with macroscopic degrees of freedom that are not in equilibrium are ubiquitous in nature. There is yet no established framework to describe these out-of-equilibrium systems. With the objective of finding suitable frameworks of description, various statistical mechanics models subjected to a variety of non-equilibrium dynamics are studied.

Dr.Medhi works on topological insulators. The topological insulators are a new phase of condensed matter where electronic motions are locked in a long range quantum entanglement. An important goal in this area is to explore and manipulate various exotic physical phenomena that emerge as a consequence of the non-trivial topological order coupled with electron-electron interactions. Of particular interest to me are the fractional topological insulators (FTI) where if non-abelian fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states can be realized and controlled, can have a deep impact in fault-tolerant topological quantum computation.