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                 Das, Bikas C.                        
              • Novel Charge Transfer Composite Nanomaterials
              • Thin film Device Applications

E-mail: bikas

             Dutta, Sreedhar B.                        
              • Statistical Physics
              • Quantum Field Theory

E-mail: sbdutta

Jaiswal-Nagar, Deepshikha
              • Quantum Phase Transition
              • Superconductivity
              • Multiferroics    

E-mail: deepshikha

Kini, Rajeev N.

              • Terahertz Spectroscopy
              • Ultrafast optical studies in semiconductors

E-mail: rajeevkini

Namboothiry, Manoj A. G.  
              • Organic and hybrid optoelectronics
              • Photonics
              • Thermoelectrics

E-mail: manoj

Medhi, Amal 
              • Topological insulators
              • Fractional Quantum Hall state

E-mail: amedhi

Mitra, Joy
              • Optoelectronics
              • Surface and Interface Physics
              • Electrical Transport  

E-mail: j.mitra

Nath, Ramesh C.

              • Quantum Phase Transitions
              • Unconventional Superconductivity
              • Nanomagnetism
              • Molecular magnets

E-mail: rnath

Pai, Archana
              • Gravitational wave physics
              • Astrophysical relativity    

E-mail: archana

Pant, Ravi 
              • Nonlinear optical phenomena
              • Opto-mechanical  interactions
              • Slow-light

E-mail: rpant


                     Ramakrishnan, V                         
              • Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
              • Photophysical Properties of Fluorophores in binary mixtures; Semiconductor oxide nanoparticles
              • Molecular Complexation & Host-Guest Interactions 
              • Statistical Physics

E-mail: ramakrishnanlaser

Sahoo, Bindusar 

              • Supergravity
              • String Theory

E-mail: bsahoo

Shaijumon M. M 

              • Energy Storage
              • Multi-functional hybrid nano structures 
              • 2D layered nanostructures

E-mail: shaiju

Shaji, Anil
              • Quantum Information theory  
              • Open Quantum systems 

E-mail: shaji

Shankaranarayanan, S 

              • Cosmology  
              • Classical and Quantum Gravity 

E-mail: shanki             

Thalakulam, Madhu 
              • Quantum transport in nano scale devices 

E-mail: madhu

    Visiting Faculty

Shenoy, Subodh 
              • Structural phase transitions
              • Non-equilibrium and glassy systems    

E-mail: subodhrshenoy        

                        Nayar, Unnikrishnan V.
              • Laser spectroscopy
              • Holographic non destructive testing   

                        E-mail: nayarvu